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Neuropsychological Evaluations For School Districts

Neuropsychological Evaluations For School Districts

What sets us apart from other agencies is a more thorough knowledge of the school environment, which leads to more pragmatic educational recommendations. Not only do we understand developmental issues but also the rules and regulations that guide educational practice. Our evaluations will describe the child, not the assessment. We will describe a profile of a child’s neurocognitive strengths and weaknesses and relate the information to the child’s learning and behavior in the school setting. We will also provide comprehensive assessment data that will increase the likelihood of success with evidence-based interventions. We can additionally evaluate children who present with characteristics of dyslexia and dyscalculia. Children with math and reading disabilities are not all alike and therefore we will evaluate for specific types of disabilities and provide information regarding the most appropriate interventions.


If you are looking for Neuropsychological evaluations that are geared towards the school setting and offer appropriate interventions, contact us today.

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