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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we have put together for you in order to assist you.

A Neuropsychological evaluation may be warranted if:

  • Change in behavior that is not explainable by medical professionals
  • Child who has a sudden drop in achievement that is unexplainable
  • Child / Adult who has a history of a head injury (concussion) or other neurological insult
  • Child / Adult has a known or suspected neurological disorder
  • Child shows evidence of processing deficiencies on a psychoeducational evaluation
  • The child / adult has not shown progress despite the implementation of multiple evidenced based intervention strategies.
  • Child / Adult presents with concerns in any of the following areas:
    • Sensory-motor functions (fine and gross motor)
    • Visuospatial processes (perception and reasoning)
    • Auditory processing
    • Learning and Memory (rate of learning, visual versus verbal, long-term versus immediate)
    • Executive Functions (attention, problem solving, reasoning, capacity)
    • Working Memory
    • Speed, Fluency, and Efficiency of Processing
    • Achievement : Reading, Writing, Math
    • Cognitive functioning

As soon as an appointment is scheduled you will be sent a sign-on request for IntakeQ, a secure communication platform. You will use IntakeQ for all communications and also to complete your intake packet which includes information and forms that must be completed prior to your appointment. Depending on the main concern, you may be e-mailed a rating scale to complete, and if applicable a teacher may also be asked to complete a rating scale as well.
When you arrive for the evaluation, an intake interview will take place. During this interview we would like to hear from you regarding your concerns. After the interview a comprehensive evaluation based upon the referral question will take place. Once the evaluation has been completed, you will be invited back (in a couple of weeks) to receive feedback regarding the results of the evaluation.  At this time you will receive a written report.  This report will provide recommendations and interventions that have a basis in the neuropsychological or educational literature if warrante

  • Avenue B location
    The office is located in a quiet residential area in Bayonne, NJ. There is free off street parking available.
  • Broadway location - There is metered parking available directly in front of the office.  There are numerous non-metered parking spots available in the surrounding area (i.e side streets off Broadway)
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations for preschoolers, children, adolescents
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations for School Districts
  • Psycho-Educational Evaluations
  • Dyslexia Evaluations
  • Psychotherapy / Counseling – Children, Adolescents, Adults
  • Consultation regarding School Based Evaluations
  •  Neurofeedback

We are in network with some insurance companies. Give us a call and we can let you know if we accept your insurance.

It depends on the specific type of evaluation conducted based upon your or your child’s needs. Evaluations are priced accordingly and our rates are competitive in the field. Give us a call for a more specific quote.

Again it depends on the type of evaluation required to best understand you or your child’s needs. Typically you can expect to be in the office anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. If needed, evaluation dates will be spread over multiple days.